Newborn photography is a true specialism.

Fine art Newborn Photography

This focuses on sleeping babies aged between 6 and 12 days. On these days the baby is still small enough to be pictured in fetal position. This shoot must be planned while you are still pregnant and you must notify me immediately after the birth. This is a very special and valuable period, but also very brief.

I got myself lots of information, also from abroad, to enlarge my Newborn specialism, which is characterised by a very special approach. Obviously the baby’s safety comes first during shooting. So in that case we thoroughly heat the room and take plenty of time; sometimes even up to two to three hours. In the meantime the baby will be asleep and there will be time for cuddles, washing or feeding. Patience is what counts here, and it is the baby that decides the tempo of the shoot.

I like using monochrome colours and pure detail pictures. So I position the newborns in special newborn positions that often are exactly like their curled-up state when still inside. To me it is a personal challenge to achieve the perfect posture during any shoot. Styling, light, posture, each of these must form a perfect match. No detail passes by unnoticed, because I tend to be a perfectionist here.

I have lots of cute, special fluffy cloths, baskets and other accessories for you to choose from. I myself design the hats, while my sweet Mum makes them. Together we form a great team. Most of the time we try to compose two to three varying sets, but it all depends on the baby’s mood swings and sleeping patterns.

Your Newborn shoot is taken either in my special daylight studio in my home in Capelle aan den IJssel or in your own familiar environment. I always search for a nice daylight setting for these pure, unique pictures. But first of all you will receive a clear letter of instruction to inform you exactly about my approach, what you can expect from the shoot and how to optimally prepare it.

Newborn shoots contain pictures of the newborn baby, if you like accompanied by brothers/sisters and parents. I might also do some additional pictures; for instance of the baby room, clothes, cards and special personal accessories. A sweet memory for the years to come!

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