About me


 (Photography: Elles Rodenburg)

Photography is my passion.

Since I was a little girl I used to carry my films & old school camera along with me wherever I went. Deciding on a career in the social sector, I studied Sociology and Educational Social Assistance. For years I very much enjoyed my career in youth services and education.

However, my passion in photography cropped  up again and again. In 2011, after taking various courses, I finally took the step of going to the Academy of Photography, from which I graduated early 2013. Photography has been figuring very prominently in my life since then.

I started my business in 2011, occupying myself mainly with various forms of portraying people from then on and specialising in Newborn and Child Photography. In the summer of 2013 I decided to continue as a full-time independent professional. Quite a step to take, admittedly, but working on your dreams and living your passions sometimes requires a plunge into the deep :).

So it is with great pride that I present this website. My strength lies in my eye for detail and ability to adapt to different situations. When shooting I am all in the flow. At that time it is only the interaction with the person before my camera that counts, and I always try to get the best possible out of that person.

Newborn photography takes up a very special place in my heart. I have put a great deal of love in setting up “From Ollie with Love” with its special section selling exclusive, hand-made baby hats. To find out, just go to the Newborn photography webshop at www.fromolliewithlove.nl.

You are more than welcome!



I’m also a proud member of NAPCP: National Association of Professional Child Photographers

NAPCP grants membership to photographers who are dedicated to exhibiting quality images of children on a consistent basis.

NAPCP members are expected to reflect exceptional skills in photography, originality and creativity, while promoting the honesty and spirit of the children they capture.NAPCP members should uphold the highest ethics and integrity within their business practices.