A pregnant tummy is very special in pictures. Usually, weeks 32-34 are ideal for taking photos.

I am specialised in presenting pregnant mothers pictures that will inspire real pride.

These pictures are taken either in my own home studio or at your home / on location. But before that we will first discuss the type of shoot you prefer.

You may for instance choose for classic black-and-white with bare tummy, or for a glamour maternity shoot. I have many wraps and cloths in my studio to dress you up fine. All examples contained in my gallery were made using the cloths available in my studio. I am open to your ideas and suggestions; together we will create a marvellous picture.

You might also use these photos for your birth card, or go for a fine  combination with a Newborn shoot.

It would be nice if your partner could also hop in during the shoot, so that I might perpetuate the two of you as well. Pictures like these often turn out very valuable.

Before the shoot you will receive a letter of instruction that clearly outlines your required optimal preparation for this shoot, which takes about one hour on average.


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