Why should I choose for Brenda Olie photography?
Good question: because I will be offering you great service, gorgeous photos and a memorable shoot using superb quality products. A swell memory!

What to wear?
Each session comes with its own PDF information file, containing dressing tips and all info required for proper preparation of your shoot. It is sent by email.

How long do shoots take?
An average shoot lasts 1 hour, except for Newborn shoots, which often last much longer, varying between 2 and 4 hours.

Do you also come to my home?
Yes. For Newborn you may choose between shoots in my studio or home shoots. Home shoots cost a little extra, plus travelling costs obviously. By arrangement, we can also do family and children shoots at home or on location.

I would like to use a special location for my shoot. Is that possible?
Of course. But daylight must be available because I take my pictures in natural light conditions. Wood or beach settings are fantastic; certainly in summer. Autumn wood sessions are favourites as well.

Can I use outside locations for my maternity session?
Great! Snow or summer; we ensure the very best of shoots.

I would like a full family shoot; not just one child.
No problem of course. Just book a family shoot, which will include your child and the rest of your family, individually and together. In this case I would prefer outside locations.

When are Newborn shoots taken?
Preferably between the 6th and the 12th day after birth. So ensure that I am included in the list of persons to call after the birth.

I would like to book a Newborn shoot, but also have a few cute pictures including ourselves and the baby. Can that be arranged?
Of course, no problem at all. But be sure to indicate this on the booking form, so that I can account for this when preparing the shoot.

Can I combine my maternity & Newborn shoots?
Why not? I have arranged a nice package that gives full scope to both shoots, combining them into an even more beautiful result.

Do you do birth cards as well?

Certainly! Just inquire for options.

Unwell, ill?
Of course you can always put off your arrangement until later in case of illness. However, try to do this as early as possible. Watery eyes just do not make a nice a picture and can’t be conjured away with Photoshop. Moreover it is not advisable, considering the next appointments with pregnant mothers and babies.

When to book my maternity shoot?
The best period lies between weeks 32 and 34. For further information, go to Maternity Shoot.

Do you do workshops as well?
Certainly. I give workshops to other photographers. See under heading Workshops.

Can we also buy the items you use from your web shop?
Of course. If you wish you can buy all products yourself via www.fromolliewithlove.nl.

Do you have gift cards as well?
Sure, but exclusively for people who love Newborn photography :) So if you happen to know a friend who would like this very much (or would like to put it on your wish list :) and a baby shower is coming up, just contact me for possibilities. In that case I would have a special gift card to be given as a present. Of course, gift cards are also available for children, cake smash, family or maternity shoots. The happy recipient of a gift card is always contacted by telephone so that we may adapt my working methods to the customer’s preferences and expectations.

What can I expect from the appointment made 2 weeks after a shoot?
This is when you will be shown the first processed pictures of your shoot. Thrilling! You can order the products at this appointment. We will notify you as soon as your pictures  are in, after which you can either collect the products from the studio or arrange for dispatch, after consultation of course.

Can I see or receive the other pictures as well?
During shoots I take a number of pictures, but in the end I always select or process about 20 of them. During your ordering appointment you may select from these 20 products. You cannot view or buy the remaining photos. Please trust me for selecting the very best of them for your gallery.

I would prefer to buy only digital files; is that possible?
All parents wish for something tangible after their shoot. I work with the finest products for you to choose from, and of course you can also buy digital file packages. See heading “Price List”.