General Terms and Conditions


I will be using 1 or 2 fine pictures of the shoot for my blog/facebook/website, so that I can show my work. This is part of my professional approach. Only in very special cases may this be deviated from.

Tagging on Facebook: yes/no

Using child’s first name in blog:        yes/no

I will be using the finest pictures for products like books, brochures, price-lists, flyers or posters to promote my business.

I regularly use Newborn photos to illustrate my web shop products at

When you post pictures on social media, please use photos with my logo attached, stating my website.

No other shots may be taken during the shoot. So if you would like a photo, ask me to picture you using your mobile phone. You are of course free to post this picture on FB and social media. Please note that you will only have user rights, no copyright, when buying the files. So you will not be allowed to submit these photos for the purpose of photo contests without my permission.

When you return the booking form, you implicitly agree to my starting-points and the following general terms and conditions:


General Terms and Conditions


Article 1 Photo Sessions

Before the actual photo session, the customer receives information about the costs of the photo session plus travelling costs, if any. The charge for the photo session is paid on the day of the actual photo session; any products ordered are paid on the arranged collection date of the order. PIN equipment is available. Charges due may also be transferred to bank account NL94INGB0007287005 in the name of From Ollie with Love, stating name and date of the shoot.


Article 2 Private Details

Not in any case will Brenda Olie publish, or transfer onto third parties, personal details (like address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, etc).

Article 3 Ownership / Copyright

The copyright resting on the pictures shall at all times lie with Brenda Olie. The person(s) portrayed may use the small-resolution pictures with logo attached for publication on their/his/her personal website or social media like Facebook and Twitter. Posting received digital files on the internet (or distributing these in any other way) in processed variants other than those delivered by the photographer is not allowed. After purchasing the DVD containing the digital files, the customer will be entitled to make reproductions for his or her own use. Using files for commercial or non-profit organisations and/or publishing these in printed or digital media is not allowed without the explicit permission of the photographer. The customer is not allowed to submit digital files in order to participate in photo contests without the explicit permission of the photographer.


Article 4 Products

The photographer uses a professional image screen for optimal colour processing and corrections. It is possible that the customer has a different perception of the colours or brightness of the pictures on his/her image screen. In that case the customer shall not be entitled to a new product, reimbursement of payment or another form of compensation.


Article 5 Complaints

The photographer will at all times take an effort to deliver a product that will do justice to the feelings of the person(s) portrayed. Owing to the nature of the picture report however, no guarantee can be given in respect of producing specific pictures. Any complaints must be submitted in writing to the photographer as soon as possible, and in any case within ten days from the date of delivery.


Article 6 Term of Delivery

Brenda Olie assumes a period of 3 – 4 weeks for final processing of the files. At the appointed time of ordering there will be options for digital files and other fine products. The term of delivery of the products depends on the chosen product and varies between 2 and 4 weeks after payment for these products has been received.

Article 7 Submission and Transfer of Picture Material

When the picture material has been completed, the other party is sent a notification by email. The picture material is transferred by Brenda Olie onto the other party after the invoice has been paid in full. The risk is transferred onto the other party on submission of the material. In the case of picture material being sent, the risk is transferred onto the other party as from the moment of its dispatch.

Article 8 Filing and Storage of Picture Material
The picture material is filed and stored by Brenda Olie photography for a period of 2 years.